Saturday, April 30, 2016

what is FRP lock introduction and its importance

Today I will introduce you with FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock .


Now a days Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a very new feature to protect your phone which has been added to various devices that are running on Android OS 5.1 or higher lollipop and above .
This protection allows you to prevent your device from other people . If it has been reset to factory settings without your permission .

let assume, if your device is lost, stolen, flashed, or wiped, only someone with your Google account or screen lock information can perform a factory data reset and use the device.

When your device has been factory reset, the device will not be able to setup without your Google Account which was entered in your phone previously (for hard reset) or screen lock information (for reset in Settings menu).

note:- It is necessary to set up a Google account to use the FRP feature. It is highly recommended that you set a secure screen lock (pattern, pin, face, fingerprint, etc) on your device .


If you reset your device to factory settings and the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) feature has been turned on, then you must enter the user name and password of the last registered Google Account to regain access to the device. You will not be able to access the device without the correct username and password. 

This Google account verification feature prevents unauthorized users from accessing or using your device if it has been reset to factory settings without your permission


1).Why use google Account For FRP ?
If your device supports the FRP feature and you has been added Google account into your device and if your device has then been Factory reset by the someone, then once the device has rebooted, the your Google account details will be required to complete the setup wizard which was entered by you earlier . as shown below ,

2). How to Know My Device Supported Samsung FRP Lock ?
The availability of the FRP feature is depend on your device model and android version. To confirm this , follow these steps:
go to  Apps -> Settings -> Lock screen and security

Note:- If you have a Galaxy S6, then touch on Apps -> Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Find My Mobile.
If the Reactivation Lock feature is not shown, then you have the FRP feature.
(in maximum case there is a reactivation feature shown on Galaxy s6) .

How to Activate or deactivate the FRP feature in a smartphone

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