Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to Reset a HTC Smartphone when You Forget Your Password or Pattern Lock

Have You Forgot your password or swipe pattern to access your HTC Mobile? 

Have You Forget your password or swipe pattern to access your HTC Mobile? Android has a built-in way to alternatively  the lock screen if you have the Correct Google credentials of your account. If that will also  not work, resetting the device to it's factory setting only the option. In either case, you will able to access your HTC Mobile after a few steps.

Try the PIN or pattern five times. In order to Unlock Your password, you will need to attempt to enter it five times. Your phone will lock again, and you will be given the option to log in using an alternative method.

Click  "Forgot Password" or "Forgot Pattern". This button will bring Up You To the Google account login screen, allowing you to log in by providing the Google account credentials for the account associated with the phone.

·         If you are a Verizon customer, this method will not work. You get 10 attempts and then the phone is wiped. You cannot bypass the lock using your Google account.

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