smartphone flashing FAQ

Some FAQ about flash and flashing of  flash file


Ques- What does your Flashing means ?
Ans- The meaning of Flashing is "To reinstalling the operating system(OS) of the cell phone" in this process, "A new operating system  stock rom is installed in place of old operating system" this is the condition of downloading a sole into a mobile phone .


Ques- when will you need to install the operating system software in your phone ?
Ans- Flashing required when operating system gets corrupted , dead and many more problems.

You Have To Flash Your Smartphone If :-

  • Processing very slow and hang problem 
  • Camera , Display , touch , keypad etc not working
  • When opening camera suddenly an error occurred and camera stopped working.
  • some application is stopped working.
  • flash file system corrupted or phone dead problem
  • Virus problem
  • Booting windows or mobile phone networks problem
  • phone Restart automatically 
  • Sim Card Not Working Issue
  • and many more problems
Ques- How can I flash my phone ?
Ans- for flashing you should have the following things
  1. usb cable
  2. usb drivers       DOWNLOAD FROM HERE
  3. flasher or flasing software               DOWNLOAD FROM HERE
  4. flash file ROM or operating system DOWNLOAD FROM HERE

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